PEDERSEN milling service at specialist level!


With 37 years of experience, Mr. Hans Erik Hassø has kept abreast of the development of PEDERSEN machines.
We are proud to be among the most proficient technicians of these machines. Hans Erik Hassø works both in Denmark and abroad, and he is a well-known specialist in the business. Hans Erik should be pleased to assist and service regular and new customers in the entire Europe.
We service PEDERSEN milling machines mechanically and electrically.
Service check-up
Is the spindle clattering, is the gear making noise, or is your measuring system without any responce?
We should be pleased to help you with a repair or a machine check-up.
Machine condition report.
You will receive a complete report with recommendations for future service.
We should be pleased to send you an estimate or a quotation for repair/service.


Have your machine lost its memory?
We are all familiar with the problem. The machine has been operating properly throughout the year, but after a long period with holidays or standstill because of other projects, your machine is unable to start again.
The battery is low, and the machine seems to have forgotten that it is actually a CNC machine!
In all probability, Reparo has a backup of your PEDERSEN Milling Machine.
If that happens, please call us, and we will do our best to help you.

Manual Machines
VPF21 VPL21 VPU201 VPU900 VPU930
VPF31 VPL31 VPU250 VPU910 VPJ200
Cnc Controlled
GE1050 – Siemens 3M – Mitsubishi Meldas 335 – Heidenhain – ACU RITE
Vepematic HC20-1000 Vepematic 10VTC-1000
Vepematic HC20-2000 Vepematic 10VTC-1500
Vepematic VP2000 VPU910