Machine Repair, with CNC as a speciality.


CNC Service


Reparo has many years of experience from the machine industry and has lots of experience with repair of CNC machines.


We have regularly updated our skills through CNC service courses at Fanuc UK, Mitsubishi Germany and Heidenhain in Denmark.
We perform high-level CNC service, and we do not compromise with quality.



Mr. Arne Hjeresen has serviced and repaired Mazak machines during the last 14 years.
He has taken service courses at Mitsubishi in Germany and has a great cooperation with Mazak Mazak Denmark A/S.
Primarily, we perform electric service of Mazak machines.

Arne Hjeresen

Conventional service


For several years we have performed small mechanical repairs. We will continue with those jobs as we wish to deliver a complete service of your machines.
On large jobs we use our collaborator.

Backup battery


When was the last time you had your backup batteries replaced?
Some customers do not have any definite plan for replacing the batteries of their machines. They do not know where these batteries are or how often they should be replaced. It is our experience that some companies do not have any sense of the consequences of a “dead” battery.
We often initialize and re-establish machines from the original parameters for companies which do not have any machine backup.
Reparo offers to make a list of your machines and make a rotation system for the battery replacement. Thus, you avoid that your machine does not run properly after the holiday!


Where do you keep your backup?


Typically, an old backup is kept on a diskette or a punching tape.
Do you have your backup in the control cabinet or in a dusty diskette box at the back of your workshop? Then please read here.
The diskette is an instable medium for your backup, and the punching tape gets greasy with oil which makes the backup medium impossible to read! Many people only have a partial backup which means that it will take a long time measuring the geometry on the machine, after the initialization.
It is our experience that there often is a lack of options, macro programs, variables etc.

Is the backup OK?


If the backup is complete, a machine can be re-established very quickly. Then you might only need a check measurement, and then your production is back on track.
If you want your machine to be steady, then replace your battery and make a backup.